Dog walker

Hot spot
(the future of communication)

Wedding Save the date Card

Birthday Card

Anniversary Cards

New Addition - Piece as a gift to friend for her baby shower

Illustration for David Farland's novel "Nightingale"

Illustration for David Farland's novel "Nightingale"

Past, loves,fears

Bike share promotion concept

"a financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes"

spontaneous random quickie...

Sometimes I daydream..
(luckily this hasn't happened at work yet)

Juggling Sushi waitress

Nigerian Narrative project

inspired by Carlos Santana~"evil ways"

Concept painting for article on the Libido

"overheard" project- Concept based upon a randomly overheard conversation

Unionville Highschool yearbook cover design (2003)

coffee sleeve design
"Jet fuel"

Story board panel for Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde scene

Gouache Painting Cool vs Warm

Skull study


Mostly personal works or work done during coop and school.

Pencil, Digital, Paintings